At first, thank you for your time and effort to reach this page!Here are some of my best timelapse sequences and short films. My work represents 101% of my love for the surrounding us world be an urban cityscape or wild nature Рit a whole world out there!!! Creating a timelapse movie involves a long workflow process and involves long hours of editing and of course planning and shooting. Hey, do NOT forget the memory cards, you shall need  loads of them.
Browse and enjoy!!!  

Timelapse video featuring the amazing country of Iceland. One thing for sure…shortly after the arrival I have fallen in love with this extraordinary place. A heaven on Earth for every landscape photographer!
An image of mine with the Aurora Borealis(Nothern Lights) and my story was printed into the 125th years edition of National Geographic Magazine October 2013 issue, so here is one more great reason to love Iceland!
Aftermath of the trip: 2204 km on the road and some off road as well(according to the local car rental company), some sleepless nights (if you want to witness the Aurora Borealis and in specially in my case – timelapse it…better dress well, get out and forget about your warm bed!
I had a Canon DSLR and GoPro Black edition in my camera back and managed to bring home approx. 150 GB of RAW data to be edited (this is only a fraction of what I would like to show YOU from this special place called Iceland).

Special thanks to Gunter Wegner and his amazing piece of software LRTimelapse 2, for making it all”piece of cake” at the post-editing process! THANK YOU, Gunter! WEB: www.lrtimelapse.com

A week in Paris – short timelapse film HD from Nick Pandev on Vimeo.

Lapse it London from Nick Pandev on Vimeo.

Iceland teaser from Nick Pandev on Vimeo.


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