istock portfolio by pandevonium

Stock photography has been here for quite a while now and it is a huge market and just another great opportunity for every photographer out there. If I try to explain it in a few words:  existing images taken for the purpose of being sold in the future for advertising and other purposes. They are extensively used in magazines, brochures and on the internet.

My stock photography and videography  portfolio includes various styles: portraits, travel, lifestyle and landscape images from all over the world but particularly London and Europe. The images are as diverse as the surrounding landscape and cover the world renowned European Capital cities, some of my far travels, quite a lot of my native Bulgaria and its unspoiled nature, of course one of my favorite models – our amazing son – Victor. Images also include people in real world and concept scenarios.

My stock photography images and timelapse videos are available exclusively from iStock by Getty Images.

I am also continuously in need of new models. If you are interested in becoming a stock photography model, please go to the contact page and send me an email.